Gender and Sexual Orientation Partnership Small Grant Fund – new round now open

We are looking for organisations to work with us on improving the lives of Women, Girls and LGBT+ people in Nottingham. We want small, grassroots organisations to apply for our small grant to do short projects or activities that include at least one of the following:

Addressing Isolation in the LGBT+ community in Nottingham

  • Including supporting existing work to promote healthy relationships.

Providing Safe Physical and Virtual Spaces for women

  • Support communities through providing physical and/or online space, particularly women who face increased social isolation or multiple barriers to inclusion.

Empowering Women

  • To offer support in times of crisis, hardship and poverty – this means financial difficulties, or need for support and advice around practical day to day needs.
  • To give these communities a strong voice within mainstream services, partners and organisations. To offer support in times of crisis, hardship and poverty.

Support for Women’s Voices

  • Enabling women to challenge cultural stereotypes, championing Nottingham as a zero tolerance city for misogyny and female genital mutilation.

How to Apply

To apply please contact Joanne on: [email protected] we will then arrange a meeting where we will discuss your project and talk through the application form. Please do get in touch with us if you would like to chat through whether this grant is suitable for you, we are more than happy to help you with this process and discuss ways we can work together.

Application forms and more detailed guidance will be provided at our meeting. Grants will be around £500 – £750.

The deadline for applications this round is Wednesday July 31st

This small grant funding is part of three year Nottingham City Council Communities of Identity funding stream to Nottingham Women’s Centre and partner organisations.

Volunteers week 2019 – celebrating our amazing volunteers

Volunteers’ Week is here

Time to celebrate our fantastic volunteers as Julia, NWC Volunteer Co-ordinator reflects on the last 12 months of volunteering activities at Nottingham Women’s Centre:

What an amazing year it’s been for volunteering at Nottingham Women’s Centre!

Our volunteers donated 4,815 hours, which totals over £87,000 in economic value, and we have more than doubled our volunteer hours in the last 2 years!

As impressive as these figures are, I am even more impressed and proud of the passion and enthusiasm of the team.

The centre would be unable to provide many of our activities and courses, or run so many events, without their dedication; the support and care they show for our women, the energy and ideas they bring to each of their many different projects, and the hard work running events and fundraising is inspirational.

We are constantly thankful and celebrate our volunteers daily, but Volunteers Week gives us the chance to take the team outside of the centre for some well-deserved fun!