What Women Want 2016 – Interim Report

The What Women Want 2.0 survey is asking women to answer one simple question – what do you want? There is still time to share your views here: http://www.thisiswhatwomenwant.org/take-part/

If you are interested in finding out what women have said so far then check out the interim report – it’s an interesting read.

Feminist magazine Spare Rib now available online

Spare Rib launched in 1972 and gave important coverage to the emerging Women’s Liberation Movement, until it eventually closed in 1993.

You can now download all 239 editions of the magazine for free via the British Library via this link.

And if you prefer to view them in their original format, remember that we’ve also got most of the back copies – as well as other books and magazines dating back to the 1970 – here in our women’s library.