Menopause in the Workplace report

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Nottingham Women’s Centre is a charity that empowers women and is one of the largest women’s centres in the country. We provide a safe environment in which women can get support, access services, take part in training, activities, or campaigning and become an active agent in creating positive change for themselves and others. As part of our work to tackle gender inequality in the city, we produce quarterly Briefing Notes on issues that are impacting women in order to inform and influence decision makers, such as the Leader of Nottingham City Council, MPs and employers. 

The issue of menopause and the workplace was identified by our service users at a general feedback focus group in October 2019. There has been a large amount of interest in this topic; over a hundred women participated through our confidential surveys, focus group and email interviews in January and February 2020. However the pandemic and lockdown measures delayed the publication of the report, and the workplace and demands of work shifted for so many of us that we decided to do a second ‘call-out’ for stories about the menopause and the pandemic in September 2020. We are grateful to the fifteen women who anonymously shared their experiences of menopause during the pandemic with our policy officer. 

The women referred to in this report are primarily cisgender women, but its not just cis-women who experience menopause. The experiences of the trans-menopause varies hugely depending on individuals’ circumstances. We have sought information about trans-menopause but found there is a lack of information available, which leads us to believe that this would be a ripe area for further research.

We’ve analysed a huge amount of qualitative and quantitative data that we sourced from women in Nottingham, which has led to the creation of a powerful report that’s filled with women’s experiences and practical ideas about how employers must improve their workplace practices. 

We hope this report will help shine a light on a topic that’s often seen as ‘taboo’ to help create the change that’s desperately needed for women in Nottingham.