Enabling more Black Women to access Nottingham Women’s Centre

Nottingham Women’s Centre is interested in speaking to Black Women in Nottingham about how the Women’s Centre could be more accessible to them.


There are two drivers for this research.

The Women’s Centre works with a wide range of women. In the last 12 months 27% of the clients we were working with stated their ethnicity as Black or Asian. However, the 2011 census showed that 35% of Nottingham’s population was from BME groups. We’d therefore like to attract more BAME women to the centre – not just to access our courses, activities and specialist support but also to get involved by volunteering or becoming a Trustee of the Centre.

We have recently been told that the Centre isn’t welcoming to Black Women and we’d like to explore this issue in more depth and learn how we can be more welcoming.

If you’d like to take part, then please contact our BAME Consultant, Almighty, on [email protected] or call Reception on 0115 9411475 to arrange a call back.

Almighty would like to have a chat with you about your awareness of the centre and its work. If you’ve visited the centre before, did you feel welcome? If you haven’t been to the centre, what might stop you from going there or what would make you feel welcome and encourage you to go there? Finally, perhaps there are particular services or activities that you would like the Women’s Centre to offer? 

The consultation is taking place throughout July and August so please make sure to contact Almighty at your earliest convenience.

We would love to hear from you. Please help us develop our services for ALL women in Notts.