Gender and Sexual Orientation Partnership Small Grant Fund

Gender and Sexual Orientation Partnership Small Grant Fund


We are looking for applications for projects and activities aimed at improving the lives of Women, Girls and LGBT+ people in Nottingham. This small grant funding is part of the three year Nottingham City Council Communities of Identity funding stream to Nottingham Women’s Centre and partner organisations.


The grants will support small, grassroots, voluntary organisations (with a turnover of less than £10,000) that work with women and/or LGBT+ people to deliver projects and activities within the Nottingham City Council boundary around at least one of the following:

  1. Addressing Isolation in the LGBT+ community in Nottingham
  • Including support around specific LGBT+ health issues
  • Support around Hate Crime


2. Providing Safe Physical and Virtual Spaces for women and girls

  • Support communities through providing physical and/or online space, particularly women who face increased social isolation or multiple barriers to inclusion.


3. Empowering Women and girls

  • Around Hardship and Crisis – this means financial difficulties, or need for support and advice around practical day to day needs.
  • Through group or one to one support or training.
  • Around getting their voices and issues better heard and understood by decision makers.
  • Improving and addressing physical health and wellbeing needs for women and girls.


4. Providing activities to complement mainstream mental health provision

  • Specialist group or one to one counselling or activities to improve wellbeing.


How to Apply

To apply please contact Joanne on: [email protected] to register your interest, we will then arrange a pre-application meeting. Application forms and more detailed guidance will be provided at the pre-application meeting. Grants will be around £500 – £1000

The deadline for applications this Round is Friday 15 December.

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As we plan to allocate these grants by the end of January we would like to encourage groups who are planning activities around International Women’s Day and LGBT+ History Month to get in touch with us.