Great news from Nicki, our Welfare Advisor

The last six months have been very busy at the Centre. I have been applying for lots of grants for a variety of things such as washing machines, bus passes, home starter packs, beds and clothing. I am delighted to announce a grand total of £12,119 has been awarded to women accessing the Help Through Crisis service. I have supported in total 28 women and their families. Some of the women have had several grants as they had multiple needs. A lot of them are accessing the Women’s Centre for the first time but quite a few are returners who did not have anywhere else they could go to for help to get the essential household items they need. These grants can be life changing; they help women and their families to remain independent, not get in to any further debt, to sustain their tenancies and improve the well-being of the whole household.

One of the women has said about her grant “Having a working cooker has helped my family to be able to eat proper nutritious food again, we can now sit for a hot meal together, it has brought us closer”. Another woman said “The washing machine has helped us so much I can now keep on top of the washing for the first time, the kids are now going to school with fresh uniforms every day so are a lot happier”.

The women I work with are all absolutely amazing and a privilege to work with. Often during sessions we agree that money and grants are not the answer to all of their challenges they face but a necessary platform from which to exercise the kind of autonomy and empowerment that many take for granted.


Help through Crisis is funded by the Big Lottery


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