Donations – the difference you can make

A one-off or regular donation to us makes all the difference – just £1 will pay for a woman who is vulnerable and isolated to come and have two cups of coffee in our welcome space, often the first step women take to accessing help with us.

£2.50 will pay for woman who has gone without food to feed her children to have a hot meal with us; £5 will pay for a woman to have a complementary health session to help support her mental health recovery; £15 will pay for a woman to have a session with our employment advisor to support her into paid work; £20 will pay for a session of counselling.

Making a donation could not be easier – simply click on the “donate” button which appears at the top of every page. Thank you.

If you would like to talk through your fundraising ideas or would like more information, call us on 0115 941 1475.

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