Volunteer stories

Here at Nottingham Women’s Centre we are incredibly lucky to have a wonderful community of caring and dedicated volunteers.

“I’ve been working with the Volunteers since January 2020 and have been amazed by their passion, dedication and love for the Centre. I feel very lucky to work with such wonderful women. I’d like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you for everything you have done for Nottingham Women’s Centre and our women.” – Rebi, Volunteer Coordinator at Nottingham Women’s Centre.

Our staff each shared one word to describe our volunteers…

Hear from our Volunteers

“I am grateful for all of the wonderful women that come to our Wednesday conversational classes, eager to learn about new topics and chat with our volunteers about the quirks and frustrations of the English language. Our volunteers love listening to the different opinions and learning about the different countries and cultures of our attendees and it is the highlight of many volunteers’ week!” Hannah – Conversational English volunteer

“Being a Volunteer at NWC, means for me so so much.   It has given me so much confidence that I learn a craft one day, teach it the next.

Peer support is the most powerful tool being a volunteer – being able to share with vulnerability and knowing we are imperfect and ladies sharing too. The changes we see, the openness.  We see courage compassion and connection.  So rewarding.  It’s a honour to be a volunteer.

This Brene Brown quote sums it all up for me: “Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving”.” – Paula, The Rainbow P!NK Warrior Queen – Peer Support and Events volunteer

“I have been volunteering for the Women’s Centre since 2016. For most of this time I helped to run the Crafty Club every Thursday morning, which was a great chance to get to know some of our lovely service users over a cuppa and crafting. I helped to organise sessions including painting, colouring, sewing, mosaic, cake decorating and much more. I now assist with events helping to promote the centre, such as attending roadshows, festivals and large businesses, speaking to the public about our services. I also help out with events within the centre such as International Women’s Day.

The Nottingham Women’s Centre means a lot to me. It has helped me career wise as I will be working for Juno Women’s Aid later in the year. It has also helped me personally as I have gained in confidence since being part of the centre. The other volunteers and staff are all awesome women and the centre itself is a welcoming, calm and safe space I am proud to be a part of.” Nicola – Crafty club and Events volunteer

“When I first came to the Women’s Centre I was in a mess, emotionally and physically and mentally abused. The Women’s Centre, over time, helped me with everything, especially building up my confidence to battle my fears. It’s not an easy road to go down. I would help anyone to recovery that’s been through the same issues as myself – being a volunteer enables me to do this and there is no safer place than the women’s centre. Come along to our safe friendly place, join us for crafts, therapy, singing, yoga and many more or just pop in for a warm friendly chat with cake, biscuits and a cuppa.” Debs – Crafty Club and Events volunteer

“In Nottingham Women’s Centre, I meet and work with people with different backgrounds and experiences. I love to listen to their stories, and share the thoughts. It helps me know myself better, and makes me feel more confident.” Mulan – Conversational English and Film club volunteer.

“ I am very proud to be a part of the amazing team at the Nottingham Women’s Library. I love welcoming readers into the inviting book-filled space, and promoting it outside the centre – particularly the recent opportunity to do so in Oxford. There I met wonderful women from institutions all over the U.K. doing inspiring work so that the voices of women everywhere shine. A brilliant experience for which I am grateful.” Sally – Library volunteer

“Being part of the women’s centre library is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I love the team I work with and supporting women in the centre through providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive space. The library is a place for women to find support, peace of mind, explore interests and simply expand their knowledge and curiosity through a range of books. The events we are doing are growing and I cannot wait to see what this team can do to propel the library forward for the benefit of all the women who use it.”  Nicola – Volunteer Library Team Leader

I have been a part-time volunteer at NWC since 2018 alongside my university studies in Leeds. Me and my mum, Deborah, have been partaking in the food delivery service undertaken by the Nottingham Women’s Centre since lockdown was implemented throughout the UK. The process entails Rachel, a NWC staff member, going to collect food which would otherwise go to waste from Tesco. She bags it up accordingly for various women, and sometimes their cohabitants/family members/children. Me and my mum collect the food from Rachel and deliver it across the city from NG2 to NG5 to NG8.

The service has worked brilliantly, and we have received some really positive and encouraging feedback. It is systems like these which are imperative during these times, ensuring women in need don’t fall through the cracks of our institutions, which is so often the case. We will continue to participate during, and if necessary, beyond lockdown. The NWC have once again portrayed their excellence in organisation, care and collectivity.” Lily, Food Delivery Volunteer

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