Meet the Team – Charlotte

Hi my name is Charlotte and I am the reception administrator here at Nottingham Women’s Centre. I have worked at the centre for just under 4 years. Before I became an employee of the women’s centre I volunteered for 6 months in the Day-care which then led on to me becoming the nursery apprentice, and then finally a nursery worker which is a role I did for two years. I now currently work as a reception administrator and have been doing this role for 9 months.

The thing I love most about working at the centre is that you never get two days the same and every day you are faced with a different challenge i.e. you could get a woman drop in who is in crisis and needs urgent help, to a service user who just wants to use our space to relax and have some alone time. The fact that you can come to work every day and even if you have only managed to help just one woman leaves a sense of achievement knowing that you have made their day that bit better.

Finally I think the fact that I work alongside my colleague who is the senior reception administrator helps me so much on a daily basis and offers me unlimited support, makes coming to work each morning that much easier. Alongside all my other colleagues within the centre we work together like one big family and that is what is so lovely about working here, that everybody supports one another regardless of what your job role is.

Helen Voce appointed as new Chief Executive

We’re pleased to announce that Helen Voce will be joining us as the new Chief Executive of Nottingham Women’s Centre on 1st June.

Helen is a seasoned voluntary sector manager with over 20 years experience across various roles and organisations. She’s recently returned to the UK after a period working in Germany and travelling across Europe and Asia. She’s a feminist and already has a good understanding of the work we do and the value of women-only services.