Meet the Team – Siân

Hi, my name is Siân and I have been at Nottingham Women’s Centre since the 14th of February. My role here is as a Work Coach; I will be working with unemployed and economically inactive women to help get them towards and back into work or back into education. I will be getting women back into work or full-time education by helping them overcome their barriers to work, such as childcare, confidence, lack of qualifications or skills, being a full-time carer or returning to work after an extended period of not working and/or claiming benefits.

This job role means a lot to me as for a long time I have wanted to work with vulnerable women but just hadn’t had the opportunity to. I graduated from Coventry University in 2014 with a BSc in Disaster Management. It sounds a bit unusual, so natural disasters, refugee camp legislation, water and sanitation, evacuation procedures, search and rescue, contingency planning, emergency planning etc. all very interesting stuff. It wasn’t until my final year when I ended up doing my dissertation on vulnerable women in disaster situations that I decided that working with women was what I wanted to do. I finished university, carried on working at McDonald’s part-time and volunteered at a charity called Women’s Work in Derby for about a year and a half until I stumbled across the job advertisement on the Facebook page and decided to apply. I am so glad I did!

Another thing that makes me feel so lucky to work here is that my Nana worked in this very same building in the ’70s, she was a social worker and specialised in teaching Braille and Moon right here in this very building when it was the Royal Midland Institute for the Blind. I looked up to her a lot and it’s nice to think I get to walk round the same corridors she once did, and hopefully helping people like she once did.

Outside of work I am involved in Scouting, love the outdoors, camping and survival skills. I also enjoy going to festivals, VW ones with my Mum in her campervan and music festivals with my mates!

Course cancellation

Introduction to Beauty Therapy

We regret that due to low attendance on Friday 25 February 2017, the Introduction to Beauty Therapy course will not be continuing.