Meet the team – Lisa

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have recently started at Nottingham Women’s Centre as the Representation and Policy Officer. This is part of an exciting new project called Help through Crisis which is aimed at making a difference in women’s lives through providing welfare rights advice and working in partnership with other charities. My role is to gather evidence about the needs and difficulties that women are facing and to use this to press for changes that will improve women’s lives.

I first came to the Centre over a year ago as a volunteer in our amazing Library so I knew that it would be a brilliant place to work. Everyone here is passionate about supporting women and the environment is friendly and welcoming. You might see me at events collecting information or if you attend any of our focus groups over the coming months. I can’t wait to see what comes out of the research and to start demanding positive change for women.

What you told us

We are always keen to hear from you about what’s going on in your lives. We asked you recently at our Course Information Day what were the biggest three problems that you were dealing with and we received lots of responses. Common themes that emerged were mental and physical health problems, relationships, abuse and control, financial worries and dealing with authorities.



We’ll use this information when planning our future services and also in our conversations with decision makers, to try to push for change.

We also conducted a focus group on behalf of two national charities, AVA and Agenda, looking at women’s experience of accessing services to get help with multiple disadvantage. Those findings will go towards a report by the charities on the national picture of services. We will be conducting a series of our own focus groups in November and it’s not too late to get involved. Please contact us to register if you are interested in taking part.