Pamper Hamper Day!

We had a great time before Christmas celebrating the dedication of some of our clients at the Centre and were able to reward them for their hard work thanks to the generous donations of Lanky Bills and Women’s Institute. Both organisations donated gifts to include in our Pamper Hamper, which was given to 20 well-deserving women and users of the Centre.

The Women’s Institute gave hand made toiletry bags filled with pamper products and Lanky Bills and their customers donated baby clothes, toiletries, food, women’s clothing, soft toys and some free entry tickets to their play area based at Langley Mill.

The women at the Centre were touched by the generosity of those involved and we would just like to thank once again all those who donate to Nottingham Women’s Centre by sharing the positivity and grateful feedback of the receivers!

“I can’t believe people that don’t even know me have been so kind”

“Wow, what a treat”

“I have spent all of my spare money on presents for my children for Christmas and didn’t think I would get a treat. I feel quite teary”

“The new baby clothes will really help my sister, she is due early February and is struggling to buy things at the moment, thank you”

“You always hear about people doing bad things and not enough about people doing good things. Thank you to whoever you are, you have made my day”


Lanky Bills' presents

Jill and Richard Kirk from Lanky Bills

The Women's Institute's presents

The Women’s Institute’s hand-made toiletry bags and pamper products