V.I.E.W. – Nottingham Women’s Centre Forum where women are able to voice their opinions, provide feedback and comments on the services that we provide and other issues affecting them, women who inform our services and are informed of the latest developments of the centre, women who feel empowered and are equipped to empower others.

V.I.E.W. is a group who have volunteered to be involved and share their views, thoughts, and opinions, ideas on a range of issues, in order to help the centre to deliver and develop its services.


The group aims to be a voice of the centre with the specific purpose to:

  • Feed back to the centre regarding its services for women
  • Facilitate two way conversation between women and the centre to help improve the centre



  • The group’s membership will be made up of any women that would like to contribute their feedback – you don’t have to be a service user to be part of the group. Perhaps you have access the centre or thought of visiting it? Or there may be barriers stopping you from doing so? Regardless of your circumstances, we’d love to hear your views and comments and we’d like to encourage you to help us recruit other women to the group.
  • The group aims to be inclusive and diverse and invites all self-identifying women representing all backgrounds.
  • We will ask to store your contact details on our secure database for the purposes of the group and so we can keep in touch with you. If, at any point, you decide you no longer wish to be involved, then you can request to be removed at any time in line with our GDPR policy.


  • The group will aim to meet every quarter at the centre. Attendance at the meetings will not be mandatory – you can choose which meetings you’d like to come to.
  • Times of meetings may change to accommodate attendance.
  • The meetings will be facilitated by two experienced facilitators.
  • We will try to make the meetings as interesting and interactive as possible to make all participant feel comfortable and able to contribute.
  • There will be light snacks available at all meetings. We do not offer crèche facilities but where appropriate we’ll enable women in care of children to bring their children along to the group.


The aim of the group is to hold discussions about the centre and also about issues that are affecting women locally in Notts and how the centre might be able to support them.

Centre focused discussions:

  • Members can raise issues that they want to discuss. This can be their own issues or issues raised by others who are not part of the forum but that members are aware of.
  • We may wish to consult members on a number of issues regarding the centre e.g. – our current offer of courses and activities, our provision of specialist support, opening hours, gaps in provision, events, communication and information sharing, building etc

Other issues:

  • The centre receives regular requests for focus groups or short surveys – we may consult members to see if they’re interested in being involved and discussing specific topics.
  • One of the areas of the centre’s work is Campaigning and Activism. The Campaigning working group meets every quarter to discuss any emerging issues and to decide if any work can be done to campaign on those issues. We envisage that, if they wish to, members will be able to feed into the Campaigning group.


  • You will have the opportunity to meet other local women.
  • You will be able to raise any concerns about the centre.
  • You will be involved in developing the service for women.
  • You will be able to find out about any plans, ideas and new developments at the centre.
  • You will be able to feed into the centre’s campaigning work.
  • You will learn new skills such as minute taking, typing and chairing meetings. (As attendees gain confidence, there may be opportunities to take it in turns to take notes, and chair the meetings)

If you’d like to be involved please email [email protected]