What happened when the Story Telling Club met last week

Last Friday (28th September) the club met for the first time and we started with a discussion about the purpose of the story telling club and deciding how we wanted to proceed. Each week we will start with this type of discussion to ensure everyone consents to the chosen topic. The first activity we decided upon was to: Describe a time you went shopping.

This proved to be a really useful practice activity getting us thinking about writing using description and the third person and not analysing why we did what we did in the first place. We decided to read out our stories and then took some time to look at common themes/similarities and what ‘silences’ existed. We won’t include a spoiler here as we’re hoping to share these with you next week!

Next Friday is week 2 and you are more than welcome to come along (no need to have attended week 1).

In next week’s session we are going to:
1) Revisit the purpose of the story telling club and make sure everyone is comfortable with the activity we will choose together.
2) Last week’s group have given permission to share their memories, which we’ve typed up, so we will have a look at these together as a group.
3) We will do another memory activity related to Nottingham Women’s Centre: Describe a time you visited Nottingham Women’s Centre.

Reminder of time and place:
Friday 5th October, 1030am-1230pm
Room 4, Nottingham Women’s Centre

See here for more details.

It would be lovely to welcome you.